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Obstetric Sonography is one of the most comprehensive obstetric ultrasound reference libraries available online, providing medical professionals with immediate 24/7 access to expert diagnostic images, videos and information.

With rapid technological advances in radiological and ultrasound equipment, the field of obstetric ultrasound has developed new opportunities to provide leading edge diagnosis at all stages of pregnancy. However, without the capacity to understand and interpret the diagnostic information and advanced imagery being provided, the opportunity for early treatment and interventions can be severely hampered and even lost. The Obstetric Sonography online reference library has been created to meet this need, providing numerous ultrasound images and videos, backed by professional interpretations and diagnosis, covering every stage of pregnancy.

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The Obstetrics Sonography Online Resource Library is an online service that can be accessed through a paid membership subscription. The library has over 300 pages of expert sonographic information accompanied by images and videos. There are also specialised sections containing case studies and video galleries.

1500+ Images

With over 1500 sonographic images to view, each section has a visual reference with specialist information, descriptions and analysis.

100+ Case Studies

Real case studies are available in each trimester to provide expert diagnostic information.

600+ Videos

Over 600 videos have been uploaded to provide real life case examples.
Four specialist video galleries are also included.

All Stages of Pregnancy

  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester
  • Multiple Pregnancy
  • Placenta
  • Obstetric Doppler Including Fetal Circulation

New Content Every Month

New Cases and Videos are added every month. Keep current with the latest findings and trends in Obstetric Sonography.

See what one of our subscribers has to say ..

Obstetric Sonography has provided IUC tutors and students with a comprehensive, concise and easy to follow platform for teaching and learning obstetric ultrasound. It has been useful for students who are beginning their careers and are learning to recognise pathology, as well as more experienced students who require extension of their obstetrics knowledge. The images are all a very high quality and the protocols are relevant to current practice. We will definitely continue to use this website to complement our training program.
Narelle Morin, Director. Jan 2017

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Our Mission

 “In any field of endeavour the most prolific source of knowledge is the experience of others. In developing the Obstetric Sonography Online Reference Library my aim has been to build a resource that will enable others to share and benefit from the experiences and opportunities I have been privy to. My mission has been to produce a comprehensive library covering all aspects of obstetric sonography, and to regularly update this resource to ensure that it consistently reflects excellence in obstetric ultrasound.”

Samantha Ward DMU, AMS
Ward Ultrasound Services

Visionary and Founder Obstetric Sonography Online Resource Library

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Expert Information You Can Trust and Rely On

Obstetric Sonography has been established by Samantha Ward. She has more than 18 years’ experience in the field of obstetric ultrasound and is currently Chief Sonographer at one of Perth’s leading private maternal fetal medicine specialist centres.  Her past experience includes tutoring in obstetric ultrasound at Curtin University (Perth, WA) and King Edward Memorial Hospital (Perth, WA).  Samantha is also a member of the Editorial Review Board for “Sonography” – Journal of the Australian Sonographers Association.
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Obstetric Sonography Online Reference Library

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